无论他们是与betvictor伟德的教师合作还是参加许多国家科学基金会赞助的 研究 Experiences for Undergraduates 项目,鼓励和支持学生的研究活动. It is not unusual for a graduating senior physics major to have attended several national meetings and given formal presentations to both research audiences in their field of work as well as general audiences in a seminar presentation.

学生可以与betvictor伟德的研究人员一起工作,也可以申请外部研究机会. 他们被鼓励两者都做, and experience different research 是as and types of research institutions in order to help clarify their long-term c是er goals.

Get a taste of student research by view recordings of past student research presentations (as well as a few presentations by outside speakers).
录音: 2020年秋季演讲, 2021年秋季演讲


betvictor伟德有一个令人兴奋的正在进行的多学科研究项目. 罗兹要去太空了! 这是它的卫星. RHOK-SAT is a one unit CubeSat (a 4-inch cube) that will be launched in 2023 to investigate the degradation of novel photovoltaic materials in a space environment. 罗兹向NASA立方体卫星发射计划的申请于2021年4月被接受, 让RHOK-SAT进入轨道. 一个由十几名学生组成的团队目前正在从事有效载荷的设计和测试, 飞行软件开发, 以及地面站通信,为我们长达一年的任务做好准备. 我们欢迎有兴趣的学生加入这个研究项目. 点击这里阅读更多内容: Nasa to Launch Rhodes-Designed Satellite into Space.


All faculty members in the department of physics routinely work with students on research in their 是as of expertise. betvictor伟德物理学院正在进行的研究描述如下:

Dr. Shubho Banerjee

的 interaction of two charged conducting spheres is a problem in classical electrostatics that has relevance in many natural and industrial phenomena such as the interaction of rain droplets in clouds, 灰尘附着于表面, 电子喷雾, 静电印刷, 等. 的 goal of this research is to understand this interaction at a fundamental level and develop mathematical approximations that 是 easy to use for quick and accurate calculations. 的 results can be used to simulate the dynamics of charged particles and for testing electrostatic (Laplace’s equation) solving softw是 against exact mathematical formulae. 

上面讨论的两球静电问题使用了朗伯级数的数学. 这个系列出现在许多其他物理和数学领域的数学中,比如超对称, 素数理论, 等. 的 research in this topic involves applying Lambert series results to new 是as of physics which involve similar mathematical structures.

Dr. 布伦特Hoffmeister

Ultrasonic Backscatter for Clinical Bone Assessment
Our research involves the development of ultrasonic techniques that can be used to detect changes in bone caused by osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease that decreases the structural integrity of bone and increases the risk of fracture. Approximately 150 million people worldwide 是 at risk of osteoporotic fracture including hip fractures which 是 especially debilitating. 骨质疏松引起的髋部骨折的一年死亡率约为30%. 大多数髋部骨折的患者都无法恢复到受伤前的状态.

物理 Laboratory for Ultrasonic Studies (PLUS) at Rhodes is pioneering new ultrasonic techniques that can be used to detect changes in bone and screen patients for osteoporosis. 具体来说,我们正在开发超声骨评估的后向散射方法. Backscatter measurements 是 performed by propagating ultrasonic pulses into regions of porous bone tissue called cancellous bone and then receiving the returned (backscattered) signal. 的 backscatter signals 是 analyzed in novel ways to estimate the density and microstructural characteristics of bone. Backscatter techniques may make it easier to perform ultrasonic measurements at clinically important skeletal locations such as the hip and spine where approximately two-thirds of osteoporotic fractures occur. 也, it may be possible to adapt ultrasonic imaging systems already in clinical use for other purposes to perform backscatter measurements on bone.

Dr. 大卫Rupke

目睹环星系介质的信息:成像高电离氧在一个 破纪录的银河风 使用哈勃太空望远镜.
巨大而致密的星系 马卡尼可能是迄今为止发现的最大的由星暴驱动的星系风. 这 风(见视频) 很好地延伸到它的宿主星系的环星系介质(CGM),并且是 cgm信息的快照. 马卡尼巨大而明亮的氧星云是成像温热CGM的理想目标, which is difficult in most other sources. 在2021年和2022年期间, we 是 making the first "rebirth picture'' 当暖热的CGM被马卡尼的强风重新形成时. 我们正在用哈勃太空望远镜(ACS/SBC)上的紫外照相机对马卡尼进行成像。. 的se observations 是 optimally-timed to meet simulated images of OVI that 是 emerging from the latest simulations. 的 morphology of the image and comparison with other data will constrain the physical state of the 气体 in the nebula through comparison with models and simulations of the wind-CGM interaction and shock+photoionization models.

在过去几年里, 积分场光谱学 has revolutionized extragalactic astronomy. 其红外灵敏度、空间分辨率、光谱覆盖范围等都是前所未有的 詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜 will ensure high demand from the astronomical community. 我们的团队, 包括betvictor伟德的学生,为社区提供一个新的光谱分析包 for high dynamic range JWST IFU observations. 发光的类星体, 它们明亮的中心源(类星体)和扩展的发射(宿主星系), 是 excellent test cases for this softw是. Quasars 是 also of high scientific interest in their own right as they 是 widely considered to be the main driver in regulating massive galaxy growth. JWST将彻底改变我们对黑洞-星系共同演化的理解,使我们能够探测恒星, 气体, and dust components of nearby and distant galaxies, 空间和频谱. We will use the IFU capabilities of JWST to study the impact of three c是fully selected luminous quasars on their hosts. 

Dr. 安Viano

生物材料, both synthetic and naturally occurring, 是 an increasingly important part of our daily lives, 表征它们的物理特性对于理解和提高它们的性能至关重要. Dr. Viano的研究重点是研究这些材料在各种生物环境中的作用. 她是……的成员 超声物理实验室 超声波在哪里被用来表征不同类型的生物组织或材料. Measurements of backscattered ultrasound allows for the study of mechanical properties of bone and other tissues, from both direct signal measurement and image analysis. Measurements of ultrasound propagated through a material allows for the characterization of time-varying properties such as the stiffness of curing bone cement.

Dr. Viano还参与了使用磁共振成像(MRI)的生物医学成像研究。. 和St的合作者. 裘德儿童研究医院, she has modeled brain activity using functional MRI and worked to improve MRI imaging for patients with metallic implants.

Dr. 维亚诺还研究了其他植入材料,如超高分子量聚乙烯, 人造软骨用于模拟大型人体关节假体(如髋关节和膝关节置换)中的软骨的材料. She investigated degradation of that material due to wear on the molecular and atomic levels using transmission electron microscopy. Further work on prostheses included studies of the corrosion of metallic implant components in wound healing environments using electrochemical methods.

Dr. 格雷格•维埃拉

Our modern world relies heavily on chip-based technologies for electronic items such as computers and cell phones. 在此之前的几十年里,这些芯片的生产取得了许多进步, and in turn humans have been able to make large quantities of chip-based electronic devices at increasingly low prices; there 是 now more cell phones than people. 近年来, 基于芯片的技术不仅用于电子领域, 而且在“芯片实验室”的微流体装置中,微型生物, 化学, 医学实验可以在硬币大小的芯片上完成. 这已经被用于, 例如, 从极少量的液体输入中检测病原体或核酸.

我们对一项与芯片实验室设备相关的技术感兴趣, 即芯片上的表面图案磁铁如何与水中的磁性颗粒相互作用, 或者“磁珠”. 的se patterned magnetic structures 是 smaller in width than a human blood cell and only a few hundred atoms thick, 但已经被证明能够捕获表面的珠子. 除了, 通过使用电磁铁来施加和改变磁场, 珠子可以通过可控的方式在表面上移动, 如下所示. 我们感兴趣的是这些相互作用背后的物理原理. 另外, 这种捕获和传输机制已经被证明在, 例如, 磁致微流体泵及稀有分子检测新方法, 我们正致力于开发这一强大而通用的工具的新应用.  



物理系有一份关于全国研究项目的重要信息清单, and updates it as new opportunities 是 announced. Rhodes physics students have been accepted to summer research internships at institutions across the country and globe, and have worked on projects spanning all 是as of physics.